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hire car from LeedsThe city of Leeds is the cultural and financial center of West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Leeds is the third largest city area in the UK and has a population of nearly 3 million in the region. Leeds has grown in popularity in the tourist industry and has around 1.5 million overnight visitors and over 10 million that visit for the day. With a wealth of attractions, shopping areas, bars and restaurants there is no shortage of entertainment. Throughout the year the city also hosts festivals such as Leeds Festival and Party in the Park. Venturing outside of Leeds city you will find yourself in the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire where you can take in the countryside and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Leeds city is spread over a very large area and so if you wish to spend some time exploring the city and the surrounding area then many tourists and visitors choose to hire a car for the duration or at least part of their stay. Being such a large and popular city there is no shortage of international and national car rental firms based there and usually in several different locations. To save yourself time and effort, and also often save you money, booking your car hire online is an ideal way to secure you the vehicle that you need. Booking online is simple and quick and the Internet means that you can really shop around for the best deals available to you. Once booked you can arrange a pick up point, date and time. Once your car hire is arranged you can then plan your exploration of Leeds and how to best utilise your visit to see all it has to offer.